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Grievance Management

​Grievance Management

Be prepared should things go wrong

When running a business, you must be prepared that at some point there could be a complaint from an employee. It may pertain be to their work, where they work, or who they work with. For example, the complaint may be about breach of an employee Equality rights against a manager, or an issue concerning health and safety and wellbeing of an employee/s or this can concern sanctions taking against an employee which they believe is unfair.


Dealing with employee grievance is a very challenging and time consuming and requires a process driven approach. Solidity HR Consultancy is well-equipped in dealing with Employee Grievances within Organisations. We have two ways forward, firstly, we can guide you on how to deal with the grievances via telephone or email or, you can simply hand over the entire process to us saving you time while also having that objective element.

We can support you in dealing with any employee grievance you have within your business.

We can either guide you through the grievance process or you can hand the entire grievance over to us and we’ll investigate and hear the matter on your behalf. here.

If you require guidance, just contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with scripts as well as supporting documentations to help you resolve the grievance effectively. We are also at your service to attend meetings with you and provide some moral support.

On the other hand, if you require us to take the matter entirely into our hands, you are more than welcome. We will have some on-site meeting with the parties involved to investigate the situation and then compile a report of our findings to present to you along with our recommendations.So, contact us today and let us help you with your employee grievances and turn your unhappy employees into happy ones.

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