Grievance Issues

The working environment can at times be challenging, with Solidity HR Consultancy  we recognise the importance of managing these situation effectively.  We at Solidity HR consultancy believes that an organisation should reflects their belief on how they treat their  people directly as this correlates to how their employees feels about them.  We will help you to build and sustain a collaborative relationship  with your employee by respecting the knowledge, energy and talent each persons bring to the organisation. 

We believe that when HR best practice are put in place this initiate a productive relationship which in turn view the organisation as knowledgeable, dynamic and talented.  We understand that supporting the personnel and professional development of employees and believe in rewarding excellence at every level and in every position help you  to achieve your corporate objectives.

There are times when managing people effectively can seems like a difficult task.  Between the complexities of UK employment law and trying to work out how to get the best from your employees it may seems that you spend more time dealing with people related  issues than you do running your business. 

Help is at hand and we can help you in numerous areas of HR , we can support you in the following areas below;

Employment Termination

EMployee relations


Performance management

Solutions to your issues

Disciplinary Issues

Absence Management

 Welcome to Solidity HR Consultancy  - our goal is to provide an exceptional Solid Human resources foundation for BUSINESSes by generating solutions and results.