HR adds business value when done properly

We don't believe in 'tick-box' HR where the only driver is to make sure that you have done everything you have to do.  We believe passionately that really good HR can transform a business and we provide our clients with really good HR.

There are times when managing people effectively can seem like a dark art.  Between the complexities of UK employment law and trying to work out how to get the best from your team it can seem that you spend more time dealing with people than you do actually running your business.  We're here to help you.

We really like this people stuff.  Strange as it may sound, we enjoy the complexities of employment law and working out how to help businesses achieve their overall objectives through the best use of their people.

We enjoy making sure that HR processes and policies are both practical and protect our clients.  We take pride in helping our clients to understand their actual risk in tricky situations rather than their perceived risk and these two things are often very different.

 Welcome to Solidity HR Consultancy  - our goal is to provide an exceptional Solid Human resources foundation for BUSINESSes by generating solutions and results.

We will support you throughout the process - ensuring legal compliance, best practice and pragmatic advice and guidance.

Experience You Can Trust

Helping you move forward through suitable company structures and insightful business strategies.

Giving you the tools to manage employee performance and offering support with developing their skills and capabilities.

Guidance and support on selection criteria, process and communication in redundancy situations.

HR Strategy and Structure

Solutions to your issues

Providing you with the necessary documentation to protect your business and give it a strong grounding to move forward.

Employee absence issues can be difficult to deal with. We can support you in finding a legally compliant way forward.

Support in managing performance issues that aren't serious enough for disciplinary action but are irritating and distracting.

Employee Termination is often challenging, but we can help you mitigate any potential risk when managing an employee departure.

Solidity HR Consultancy - Generating Solutions and Results through HR pre-eminence.

​We are a HR Consultancy who offers services in HR consultancy at the very least.

At Solidity HR we have five key beliefs which we believe an organisation can achieve great potential once these key areas are taken into account, they are :

  • Organisational Development through - HR intervention at an early stage,
  • Organisational Values and Culture - through HR involvement,
  • Workforce Planning - through HR identifying key roles and Structure
  • Talent Attraction through HR rigorous selection process
  • Talent Engagement and Retention - through HR providing identifiable goals and training.

Our Approach

Employee Development

Independent and objective advice to resolve employee complaints quickly and without unnecessary drama.